Levsen series MLI -31 Magnetic Level Indicator simple & reliable Level Indicator, Which is based on magnetic principle. It is absolutely safe for dangerous liquid even under high pressure. Magnetic Level Indicators are widely used to observe the Level of tanks or vessels that contain liquid media. Magnetic level gauges utilize a float that contains one or more magnets. As the float rises and falls its magnetic field passes up and down the level column. The level indicator follows the magnetic field.Simple Magnetic proven design Float moves up & down on Probe according to Liquid Level and Fixed limit switches inside the probe change their contacts by magnetic attraction.


Range   3 mtrs
MOC   SS 304, SS 316, PP
Pressure   30 kg/cm²(max.)
Temperature   200ºC (max.)
End Connection  

½” to 4” Flanged or
Screw connection (For Side Mounted)                                               
4” to 8” Flanged or
Screw connection (For Top Mounted)



Corrosive Acids - Oleum, H2SO4, HNO3, Acetic.
Solvents –Methanol, Bezene, Toluene, Alcohols, CS2.
Veg.Oils, Fuel Oils, Lubricants, Water , Poisonous / Toxic Liquids, TEA etc