Level Gauge


Tubular Level Gauge Series TLG22

Tubular Level gauge for visual liquid level observation is very common in process industry. It is a simple and reliable device for direct reading in atmospheric or pressurized tank applications

It is mounted parallel, along the side of tank. As the process level fluctuates, the level in the transparent glass tube changes accordingly and gives local liquid indication.

Connection Screwed & Flanged ASA 150#
End Fitting CS/S.S.304/S.S 316/P.P
Protective Channel C.S.Rectangle / S.S.304/S.S 316
Glass Tube Borosilicate 19/16 /25 mm OD
Packing Teflon
Valve C.S./S.S.304/S.S. 316/P.P.
Press Rating Max. 10 Kg/Cm²
Temp Rating Max. 120 ºc
Range Max. 3 Meters


Chemical, , Pharmaceutical, ,    Water / Waste Water / Effluent treatment plants, cooling / Lubricating / Filtration systems, Liquid  sewerage tanks, , Chemical reactors etc.




Reflex & Transparent Level Gauge Series LG33
Reflex Gauges are designed specially to meet most critical requirements of petrochemical, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries Involving inflammable toxic, High Pressure, High temperature liquids. Inner surface of glass has reflecting Prisms. Liquid Levels shows black in contrast to mirror like surface above. .



MOC   M.S. /S.S.304/S.S.316 /PP
Cover plate   C.S/M.S/S.S.
Glass   Borosilicate
Packing   Teflon
Valve body   M.S. /S.S. 304/ S.S.316
Press rating   100 kg/cm
Temp   200° C
Range   0-2 meter.
Available Sizes   with Non IBR & IBR Certificates


Application: Suitable for high temp & press application & corrosive, colourless liquid under critical conditions