Radar Level Transmitter


Radar for Solids Level Measurement

This very sensitive narrow focused microwave beam is unaffected by dust, air movement, temperature and vapors because it uses a microwave pulse. This is different from an ultrasonic "mechanical sound wave” which has to physically move the air and it can be adversely affected by surface angle, temperature, air turbulence and dust - particularly in combination!

• Non-contact measurement unaffected by dust generation and pneumatic filling
• Accuracy ±15mm
• ECHOFOX signal processing with Fuzzy-Logic
• Adjustment with PLICSCOM, HART adjustment instrument or PC

Measuring range up to 15 m
Process fitting mounting loop or compression flange
Process temperature -40 … +80 °C
Process pressure -1 … +2 bar (-100 … +200 kPa)
Accuracy ±15 mm
Emitting frequency 26 Ghz High frequency for focussed signal