RF Level Switch


A Reliable Level Switch Based on Radio Frequency principle for Solids, Liquids, Slurries.
Levsen RF Level Switch comprises of an electronic controller, a sensing probe and coaxial cable for the connection of the electronic controller to the probe.  The Electronic Controller provides RF signals to the probe and measures the changes in parameters provided by the sensing probe mounted in the material (to be measured) container.  The sensing probe does not contain any electronics.   
Electronic Controller (RFLS10-EC)
Electronic Controller contains electronics housed in a Dust/Weather proof enclosure and it is mounted separately at a convenient location remote from sensing probe.

Solid State, circuitry    
Supply Voltage       220/110/ VAC
Frequency       50 Hz ± 5% for AC supply
Power Consumption    3 VA (Approx.)
Output   2 sets of Change over potential free
Relay Contacts (DPDT) or as specified
Contact Rating   5 AMPS 220 VAC non-inductive
Local Indications   LEDs for normal, Alarm & probe healthy
Ingress Protection   IP-65
Temperature     0ºC to 50 ºC
Mounting     Remote from probe (max. 20 mtrs distance)
Location    Outdoor heavy dust area
Cable Entry   Three Nos.

  • 3/4 ET for power Cable
  • 3/4 ET for Output Signal Cable
  • 5/8 ET for connection of Coaxial Cable
Fail Safe to High or Low Level
One adjustment for Calibration

Sensing probe

Levsen RF Sensing probe contains no Electronics & no moving part. It is mounted in Tanks/ Hopper/Vessels/Silos etc.  Of application material.
Levsen provides various types / Models of sensing probe depending upon the application and requirement. The Electronic Controller is identical for all type /Models of sensing probe.

Probe Insertion Length/Range    0 to 10 mtrs.
Process Temperature   250 / 600ºC
Protection    IP 65
Mounting    Side /Top
Process Connection    40 NB Thread or Flange (As required)
Cable Entry    “5/8 ET for connection of Coaxial Cable
Insulation     PTEF / Ceramic
Cable to Electronic Controller    RF Coaxial cable
Compatible Electronics   Electronic Controller Model RFLS10-EC

Rigid Probe (Model RFLS10-RD)
Application: Solids (Powder & Granules) in particle size finest to max. 12mm.
Insertion standard 290 mm (as per requirement 150mm to 1500mm)

Flexible Probe (Model RFLS10-FL)
Application: Solids (Powder & Granules) in particle size finest to max. 250 mm.
Insertion 500 mm to 10 mtrs (as per requirement)

Flushed Probe (Model RFLS10-FD)
Application: Bucket Elevator Boot, Chute Blockage, Air Slid Jam Sensing & Hoppers/Vessels of  Solids (Powder & Granules) & large  particles upto 400 mm.

Insertion Zero Insertion (flushed with inner surface)

Insulated Probe (Model RFLS10-IN)
Application: Liquids & Conductive Materials in particle Size finest to max. 50 mm
Insertion 150 mm to 10mtrs (as per requirement)

High Temperature Probe (Model RFLS10-RDHT)
Application: For Cooler Hopper & any High Temperature (600ºC max.) application.