RF Level Transmitter


A perfect Level Transmitter based on Radio Frequency principle for Continuous level monitoring of Solids, Liquids & Slurries.
Electronic Transmitter (Model RFLT900-ET)
Electronic Transmitter contains entire electronics & adjustment housed in a Dust/Weather proof enclosure and it is mounted separately at a convenient location remote from sensing probe.

 Range   upto 50 mtrs
Power supply    230 / 110 VAC
Power supply    4 to 20 mA (Isolated)
Mounting   Remote from probe (max 25 mtrs distance)
Location    Outdoor heavy dust area
Enclosure   Cast Aluminium, Dust / Weather proof
Ingress Protection   IP-65
Cable Entry     Three Nos.

  1. 3/4 ET for connection f or power cable
  2. 5/8 ET of Coaxial Cable
  3. 3/4  ET for Output Signal Cable

Compatibility    Compatible to any PLC & DCS
Display   Digital Display with Set points 2 or 4 Nos. (Optional)

Sensing Probe (RFLT900-SP)
Levsen RF Sensing probe contains no Electronics & no moving part. It is mounted in Tanks/Hopper/Vessels/Silos etc.  of application material.

Probe Insertion Length/Range   50 mtrs max (As required)
Process Temperature    250 / 450ºC
Process      Connection   40 NB Thread or Flange (As required)
Protection     IP 65
Mounting      Top
Probe Head    Cast Aluminum, Dust / Weather proof
Insulation     PTFE / Ceramic
Electronics     Remote (no electronic on Probe)
Compatible Electronics   Electronic Transmitter (Model RFLT900-ET)
Cable to Electronic Controller   RF Coaxial cable

Application: Solids (Powder & Granules) in particle size finest to max. 200 mm.
Application: Liquid & Conductive Materials